About us


    Do you wish to live in Florida? Where there's summer all year round? Of course!  Who wouldn't, right? 


Our Mission


     Provide innovative and unique designs to swim suit users from around the world at a much more  affordable price!

   Our garments are fashionable and unique, but more importantly practical and technical. Designed by women, our apparel is crafted for women wherever they may be in their fitness goals.

   At "Oh Swimming Suits" we thought of people like us, like minded, that love getting sandy, salty and wet. Swimming Suits was brought to you to get more women like us to find their perfect Bikini, to look cuter at the beach, pool, river or wherever there's water from now on and also not break the bank when purchasing beachwear!


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the Future?

  We are not scared of the future, instead we are excited!

   We have many plans for the future, and we would like you to be as excited as we are!

  In the near future, we plan to open up a couple of Physical Store here in Miami, Florida.

  As of right now we keep working on building our brand and working with our manufacturers.

  Our manufacturers are in Israel, Germany, Australia and China.  



   Keep in the Know

   Stay tune for more! Be sure to follow us on Social Media! 


Green living

   Also, we are committed to our environment and our community by continually striving to make our manufacturing facility greener each day by recycling plant waste and by using earth friendly materials in our products. We follow fair labor practices with all of our employees and business partners to create a sustainable work environment.


  Our Promise? 

    We guarantee absolute satisfaction on every article we sell. We use, and will continue to use, only the best in high performance fabrics and trims and will build upon our 25 years’ worth of expertise as manufacturers to ensure the highest of quality standards on all of our garments.

Local, couple owned

   We are also a local, and a couple company. Our name, Oh Swimming Suits, hails from the expression: "Ooooh, that's a really nice outfit you got there! " when you spot a great looking partner. We draw upon nature and its energy for our inspiration, always remembering that our ultimate goal is to reflect the power of natural femininity in our designs, as well as our lifestyle.